Tom Moody’s warning to Virat Kohli, if not done then you can lose 3 years of career

Tom Moody’s warning to Virat Kohli, if not done then you can lose 3 years of career

Virat Kohli Philhat captains Team India in all three formats, Tom Moody believes that this increases the pressure on Virat.

Virat Kohli is considered the best batsman in the world today. Not only this, Captain Kohli of Team India is also counted among the best captains of the cricket world. At present, Virat is captaining the Indian team in all three formats. Despite being the captain, Virat’s performance as a batsman has not declined in any way.

Today Virat is the only batsman in this game whose average is more than 50 in all three formats. While Virat’s average in Test cricket is 53.63, his average in ODIs and T20s is 59.34 and 50.80. Despite all this, former Australian all-rounder Tom Moody has advised the Indian selectors to appoint different captains in all three formats of the game. Moody has said in cautionary words that if Virat continues to be the captain of the Indian team in every format, he will lose 2-3 important years of his career.

Tom Moody, while speaking to a sports website, expressed his views on the subject and said, ‘Captaining in India has a different pressure to captain in all three formats of cricket. He said that if India is worried about the impact on Virat Kohli’s career in international cricket, then every format or different captaincy or split captaincy can be considered. If Virat Kohli continues to captain the three formats of cricket, there is a possibility that he may lose 2 to 3 years of his international career. 

Moody claimed that the biggest advantage of split captaincy would be for Virat as he would lose some weight from his shoulders and in that case he would be able to focus on his batting more than before. Doing so will not only benefit Virat’s batting, but will also improve the performance of the Indian team. Moody said about this, ‘Split captaincy makes a difference. Eoin Morgan is not a Test player but he used to play Test first. But now he is not known as a Test player, he is considered a specialist of white ball cricket, so it works for him quite easily.

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