How to Get Scholarships for US Study

How to Get Scholarships for US Study

Students have the opportunity to receive financial support while studying in the US. Students are also eligible for support from the university where they study. The most important factors to consider are:

Universities consider the country from which you came to the United States before you choose a scholarship.
The student has to bear the costs of education, medicine and insurance in the United States. The educational level of the student is also indicated in the scholarship report. For example, students may receive higher scholarships than universities. Some special scholarships are reserved for these students only.

Students who participate more frequently in the curriculum during the school years are more likely to receive a scholarship.
Some courses can also be selected as a scholarship holder.
The scores earned during the school years are also a crucial factor in determining the scholarship level that a student is likely to receive.
Students must apply to their university grant office for the scholarship process to commence. The authorities in this office can provide you with all the details of applying for such financial assistance.

Concordia College awards scholarships to international students based on their needs and academic excellence. The amount of this grant is approximately $ 25,000 per year. In addition, the Columbia College grants financial support to students for their academic excellence. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of a gross amount or a 15-20% reduction in tuition.

Notwithstanding the existence of some financial assistance programs funded by well-known financial institutions. Examples of these scholarships include: Joint Postgraduate Scholarships for Japan and the World Bank, AAAW International Scholarships and the International Scholarships Program of the Aga Khan Foundation.

Let us discuss these scholarships in detail:

JIB Joint Graduate Scholarships: These scholarships ensure that students receive scholarships when they enroll at eight designated universities, including the University of Chicago, Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Harvard University, and others.
Scholarships offered by the AAUW: These scholarships are awarded to women in the United States who are not permanent residents or have sexual status in this country. These scholarships are awarded to all women who complete a postgraduate or undergraduate degree. These scholarships are awarded to women who have achieved academic excellence. Although these scholarships are only offered for one year, of the total of about five scholarships, renewed for a year in a row.
Grant of the Aga Khan International Foundation: This scholarship is awarded to all students who have no financial means to financially support their studies. Students receive a 50% loan and the balance is awarded through a scholarship. This scholarship is preferred for students seeking a master’s and doctoral degree. 

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